Debs Dog Blog – June 19

It would appear that caring for dogs is far more physical than I had probably realised.

I am definitely not complaining and I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of this new business ……yes even the picking up poo …..well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration of the truth.

I have so far been tangled in leads , wee’d on, had a stress fracture of my left thumb, , chewed, watched in horror as  a dog decided to “play” in a field of cows that were surrounded by barbed wire and of course this last week I have been soaked to the skin every day

BUT and it’s a massive BUT I am smiling every day and so so happy that I have started this venture.

At the risk of repeating myself, dogs make me smile. They are just such good fun and the unconditional love is so rewarding.

The other very rewarding part of the job is that I also get to walk in some really beautiful local countryside every day.

I have discovered little pockets of Lymm, Alderley Edge and Knutsford I have never been to before. My daily walk in Rostherne is a complete tonic -if you haven’t been yet, you should definitely take a drive out and visit this lovely little village with its perfect views and pretty church.

Dunham Massey is my local piece of Cheshire heaven and so it was the obvious location to set it as the back drop for the photos for the website.

I realise that my former background in the fashion world helped me organise the shoot with military precision and I even produced a “call sheet”, so the photographer knew what shots I wanted and also the names of all the four-legged stars.

It was a very early start on a cold but perfect frosty February morning to get the first golden light. I am truly indebted to my friends and family who not only lent me their dogs but also turned up at the break of dawn. Thank you to you all

Choosing the photographer was easy – Karen Herman Wright is a brilliant artist with a lens. She had taken a few pics of Ellie on a walk a while ago that so portrayed her personality that for me she was the natural choice to capture the mood and essence of AADogs

We also had such a lot of fun and there were a lot of treats, toys, ball throwing and ultimately bribery to get the really wonderful shots and expressions from the true stars of the shoot – the wonderful dogs.

Ellie was accompanied by Olga and Eddie, Bailey, Archie, Rufus and Pud who actually all behaved immaculately.

Karen got the fab shots you see on this web page. Please take a look at her Instagram- she’s a great story teller and I really highly recommend her