About Us


Hello I’m Debby the owner and dog mumma at All About Dogs Cheshire.

Having loved and taken care of dogs nearly all my life I realised that my experience and knowledge could help lots of dogs and their families. I have recently completed Competency course for Kennels, Dog Day Care & Home Boarders course to ensure your precious dogs get the very best when in my care!

We all love our pets and only want the best for them – however in the world we now live in, time is precious and we don’t always have enough hours in the day to spend pampering our pets.

This is where I hope I can help you, with premium pooch services ranging from walks across the Cheshire countryside to a cosy home to stay in whilst you are on holiday.


Originally a fashion model back in the 80s I first had a beautiful fluff ball Tibetan Terrier , Oscar. He went to nearly all the photo shoots I did in London and was a bit of a celebrity himself.

Back home in Altrincham in the late 90s and now with a young son I realised the value and importance of having a dog for our little family.

Best Friends

As a single parent this wasn’t easy but Rip The Mini Schnauzer came into our lives and became my son’s best friend. 

We even trained him to play football ( he was rubbish in goal!)


Fast forward to 2015 and one day on Facebook I was chosen by a cute rescue dog who suddenly appeared on my feed and stole my heart.

Ellie ( not her original name) has been a dream pet. She is calm, adorable smaller than I had expected but incredibly clever. I have trained her to sit , walk off the lead, stop on command and she does really seem to understand everything I tell her!

I’m not going to lie …. Training is a lot easier as she is very greedy!

Looking Forward

So with all this experience , passion and understanding of man (and woman’s) best friend I believe my natural affinity will give your dog a happy safe caring environment whether we are on a walk, staying the night or just being taken to the vet.

We ( Ellie and I ) would  love to meet you and talk “dog stuff” for an hour – get to know what you want and how we can best help

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